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Audio Sermons Series- MP3 Format

A Faith of My Own
(lessons by Steve Dewhirst)

Responsibility of Faith
Who is a Christian?
Putting on the Yoke
Family Priorities
Am I Sound in the Faith?
Taking God's Name in Vain
Confidence in My Salvation

Cultural Threats to Our Faith and Families

Glenn Jones discusses the challenges that Christians face today from the Post-Christian culture.

God and Sexuality
God's Creation Order and the Problem with Feminism
Our Children: A Neglected Treasure?
The Dangers of Our Environment
Thorns That Choke Life: How Wholesome Things Can Kill You
What's the Problem With Gambling and Lotteries?

Evidences For Faith
(lessons by Marty Pickup)

Evidence: Basis For Faith
Historical Evidence of Jesus - Part 1
Historical Evidence of Jesus - Part 2
Can We Rely on the Preservation of the Biblical Text?
How Can We Believe in God, When the World is So Bad?
Archaeology and the Bible
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

Family As God Wills
(lessons by Thaxter Dickey)

Biblical Principles for Successful Marriages and Families

Contrary to many marriage and family seminars, the key to a biblical marriage and a successful family is not specialized techniques applicable to marriage alone. Rather, the key is the possession of the same biblical attitudes and actions that apply to all relationships.

Commitment: Swear to your own hurt and change not, Psalm 15:4 Commitment PowerPoint
Kindness: Practice the golden rule, Luke 6:31 Kindness PowerPoint
Industry: Redeem the time, Ephesians 5:16 Industry PowerPoint
Peace: Blessed are the peacemakers, Matthew 5:9 Peace PowerPoint
Spiritual Mindedness: Set your mind on things above, Colossians 3:2 Spiritual Mindedness PowerPoint
Gratitude: In every thing give thanks, 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Gratitude PowerPoint

Building Godly Families

  General Audience  
Families in Service to God Bill Feist
Joint Heirs Buddy Payne
The Ideal Family Bill Feist
When Things Go Wrong Gary Henry
Managing Mammon Bill Feist
Meeting My Wife's Needs Buddy Payne
Sacrificial Leadership Buddy Payne
Taking the Lead in Problem Solving Bill Feist & Buddy Payne
Asking for and Giving Forgiveness Marty Broadwell
Meeting My Husband's Needs Marilyn Payne
Ruling the Household Marilyn Payne
The Beauty of Subjection Marilyn Payne
Preparing for Singleness Gary Henry
Preparing for Marriage Gary Henry
Control and Autonomy in Adolescents Buddy Payne & Bill Feist
Train Up A Child Marty Broadwell

Personal Godliness
(lessons by Sewell Hall)

Necessity of Personal Godliness PowerPoint
Essentials of Godliness PowerPoint
Ungodly vs. Godly Religion PowerPoint
Godly View of Sin PowerPoint
Godly Bodies PowerPoint
Godly Families PowerPoint
Godliness in Adversity PowerPoint

Returning to God's Original Plan for the Church

"Biblical Primitivism in America in 19th - 20th Century and Foundations of Christian Primitivism"
The First Sixty Years of the Church - Sewell Hall PowerPoint
Efforts at Restoration - Sewell Hall PowerPoint
Apostolic Authority - Ed Harrell PowerPoint
Biblical Hermeneutics - Ed Harrell PowerPoint
Restoring New Testament Churches - Ed Harrell PowerPoint
Click here for a link to the North Charlottesville church of Christ in Charlottesville, VA where there are a few other lessons from Ed Harrell on this same topic

Servants of God and Man
(lessons by Steve Dewhirst)

Bondservants of Christ: We are to be servants who glorify the Master who created and redeemed us.
Jesus the Suffering Servant: His ultimate aim was our reconciliation to God through His own shed blood.
Jesus' Ministry: Physical or Spiritual?: Inasmuch as we have a dual existence (spiritual and physical), we have to be concerned with both in daily living.
The First Christians: Serving God: We must learn to submit our wills to the rule of Jesus Christ.
The First Christians: Serving Each Other: We must follow the example of the first Christians by meeting the needs of others.
Hospitality, the Love of Strangers: We must tear down barriers that prevent us from really knowing and loving each other as we should.
When We Struggle With Sin: Nothing will bring us closer together than to be a "band of brothers" fighting shoulder for the cause of Christ.
Helping Each Other Home: We are all "designated drivers" helping each other to overcome temptation and sin, as we keep our eyes on our future home.

Sojourners & Pilgrims

A Sojourner's View of Temptation Paul Earnhart
A Sojourner's View of Adversity Dee Bowman
A Sojourner's View of Worldliness Sewell Hall
A Sojourner's View of Heaven Paul Earnhart
Lesson 1 Paul Earnhart
Lesson 2 Paul Earnhart
Lesson 3 Paul Earnhart
Lesson 4 Paul Earnhart
Lesson 1 Sewell Hall
Lesson 2 Sewell Hall
Lesson 3 Sewell Hall
Lesson 4 Sewell Hall

Lesson 1

Dee Bowman
Lesson 2 Dee Bowman
Lesson 3 Dee Bowman
Lesson 4 Dee Bowman

Sources of Help For Spiritual Growth -  The Purpose of Spiritual Growth
Paul Earnhart, Sewell Hall, Curtis Pope


  Sources of Help for Spiritual Growth  

Church's Role in Spiritual Growth - 1 of 2

Paul Earnhart
Church's Role in Spiritual Growth - 2 of 2 Paul Earnhart
God's Role in Spiritual Growth - 1 of 3 Sewell Hall
  (PowerPoint for Sewell's Lesson # 1)  
God's Role in Spiritual Growth - 2 of 3 Sewell Hall
  (PowerPoint for Sewell's Lesson # 2)  
God's Role in Spiritual Growth - 3 of 3 Sewell Hall
  (PowerPoint for Sewell's Lesson # 3)  
Family's Role in Spiritual Growth - 1 of 3 Curtis Pope
Family's Role in Spiritual Growth - 2 of 3 Curtis Pope
Family's Role in Spiritual Growth - 3 of 3 Curtis Pope
  The Purpose of Spiritual Growth  
Foundations and Blessings of Spiritual Growth Paul Earnhart
Relationship Gained With God and Christ Curtis Pope
What Are We Becoming? Sewell Hall
  (PowerPoint for Sewell's Lesson)  
Where Are We Headed? Curtis Pope


Understanding the Spiritual Needs of One Another


We enjoyed a wonderful series of studies designed to increase our usefulness in providing for the spiritual needs of one another.  Two of our elders spoke on the scriptural basis for developing this awareness in order to build our skills to better meet the needs of others.  We also had six lessons that focused specifically on practical discussions of the special needs of individual groups.  The special lessons concluded with a sermon Sunday morning reviewing the congregational themes of the last few years.

      Focus on the Spiritual Needs of:


Looking INSIDE the Box of God's
Word for
AUTHENTIC Christianity

Below you can listen to a wonderful series of lessons presented by Kevin Clark.  Kevin may make his living as an attorney in Birmingham, AL where he resides with his wife and daughter, but his true passion is sharing the Word of God with others as he travels the country proclaiming only what God has expressed in the Bible.

In Defense of the Inspiration of the Bible
Book, Chapter & Verse: Showing Reverence for God and Respect for the Boundaries of His Word
God's Way or the Wrong Way
Why Can't You Hear the Voice of God?

Is God Narrow-Minded?
* Click on the sermon title or the PowerPoint link above to listen to that particular lesson or to look at the PowerPoint slides.  You can also download each lesson or PowerPoint presentation to your own computer by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save Target As".  If you have any questions please feel free to email our webmaster by clicking here.

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